• Script Consultant
  • Production Consultant
  • Playwright
  • Directing
  • Stage Manager
  • Set Building
  • Prop Master



This document serves as a binding agreement between (KTF) Keep The faith Productions and  Renter.  The agreement details stated in this letter are based upon fair market practices in the trade of performing arts.  All parties who are involved with the signing of this document must have a full understanding that failure to comply with the terms set can lead up to legal action.  Signing of this agreement should only be after fully reading the duties and responsibilities that are required for each signature responsible party.

I, __________________, agree to work with Keep The faith Productions LLC in the field of:  Rental of the Theater productions Set.


Based on the duties of my position, I will be compensated accordingly.  I understand that I will receive compensation only after job is completed.  These terms are set and will not be altered unless there is a discrepancy and failure to fulfill job duties. 

Job Assignment from above list Rental of the Theater productions Set.

Compensation Amount: $450.00

Duties Expected in Position:  Drop set Off - Put it up and strike it.
Rental Disclosure and Terms

I have a full understanding of the terms and rules that are in place for rental of (KTF)Keep The faith Productions Stage Play Set.  I understand the cost associated is inclusive for setup, assembly, and transport of the Set, both to and from location of performance.  I understand that any damages to the Set while in my possession causes liability on my part, and this can result in cost for damages sustained, up to and including parts and labor to build a new Set. 

Retail Cost for Parts and Labor of Set (per original assembly): $823.94

Transport $75.00

Setup and break down $275.00

Rental Costs for Set: $100 per day

Payment Terms:  50% of rental fee is due at delivery of Set.  The remaining 50% is due at pickup of Set.  Should any of these terms not be met, it will be considered a breach of contract and can result in legal action.  If other payment arrangements are required for remainder fee, consult (KTF) management.  50% initial fee is non- negotiable and required for delivery of Set.